Did You Know?

People in Denmark consume more candy than in any other country. The average Dane eats 36 pounds of candy a year. This equals 3 pounds a month.

Friday Night Means Candy

The reason behind the Danish candy consumption is the concept of hygge, which basically means “having a nice and cozy time.” Friday night candy with the kids is such an ingrained concept that it has its own name: fredagsslik (Friday candy) and is ritually practiced in family homes nationwide.

“It’s socially accepted – among family, friends and colleagues – that it is totally fine, or even almost required, to eat unhealthy when you hygge,” according to Heidi Boye, a consumer researcher who wrote her PhD on the Danes’ love of candy.

“If you try to make hygge healthy, it doesn’t feel right. The hygge isn’t quite as good and everyone is scared to be the person who ruins the hygge,” she added.

Americans consume 22 pounds of candy annually.

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Source: Julius Lester