How To Choose The Best Paint Colors For Your Kitchen

3 Questions to Get You Thinking Outside the Bread Box

For most of us, the kitchen isn’t only where we make dinner. Good design—including paint colors—should always support the function of a room. That’s why the #1 most important question to ask yourself when starting a kitchen makeover is: What does my family actually use the kitchen for? Every family is unique. Your kitchen can be too!
  • Do the kids do their homework at the breakfast bar?
  • Does the whole family gather there for casual weekday meals?
  • Do you ever entertain guests in and around the kitchen area?
  • Can you see the kitchen from the dining or living rooms?
Once you determine your kitchen’s most common uses, ask yourself: What kind of environment am I trying to create?

This process takes time! Spend an hour (or three) on Pinterest, and see what appeals to you. Then, ask yourself the all-important question: What will I be painting? There are so many fun ways to bring your chosen color scheme out of your imagination and into the kitchen! Of course, we at George Schneider Painting paint our fair share of walls, but we urge you to consider all the other fabulous ways to bring color into your kitchen and into your life. We paint:
Still need help before painting your kitchen? We regularly recommend talented interior designers who will help you transform your kitchen into your favorite room in the house with a fresh coat of paint. Just give Bob Schneider a ring at 215-901-5254. Keep an eye out for our next blog for more tips about how to make your home reflect your needs and your personality—all with a little paint!